Level 1 Nutrition for Health and Performance workshop

I have just spent 3 days with Phil at http://www.philrichardsperformance.co.uk/

I went on the course because I wanted different results with my own health and fitness and that of my clients. I was fed up of feeling sick and tired. My energy levels wer very low and my moods very erratic. I felt like I had lost that spring in my step.  I knew that I had to go to Phil’s with an open mind as I had heard from fellow health enthusiasts and testimonials that his teachings were unlike any other!! The course was even more educational than I could ever hope for. I have learnt how important our food, water and thoughts are to our well being. Unless we are healthy on the inside there is no point trying to exercise as the body finds it too stressful.

Phil has shown me how important chasing health really is. We live in a toxic society and are being hit at all angles. We need to keep our bodies as healthy as we can to be able to deal with these toxins from our environment, water, food, cosmetics, thoughts, people….

I have embraced his principles 100% and I already feel more energised! A friend commented today how energised and calm I am.  I am going to blog my journey – EXCITED!

Below is a video of me doing a strength session with Phil. It was very tough but I felt amazing after and will be hitting the gym with a fresh attitude.