Feeling Good

i havent blogged for ages so here i am!

By following my own nutrition protocols and Dax Moys training system I have so far managed to lose 5lbs of the weight i gained whilst i was on holiday.

This is how i have done it.

1. Totally clean diet, no processed food, sugar (sob!), caffeine, wheat, dairy or alcohol. Now when i say totally i mean 98% because they have been occasions when i have had to make the best out of a bad situation. I feel fantastic without sugar and my body has stoped craving it. I know as soon as i have something high in sugar it will make my body want more. The white stuff is like aa addictive drug, it causes the same chemical reaction in the brain. *Article on its way*

2. I had clear goals on what i wanted and WHY. I wrote this down in my special goals book and i review this book EVERY day. I do 3 things everyday that will bring me closer to my goals. Thinking to myself ‘i just want to lose a bit of weight’ has not got enough drive behind it and it will not work. I know this because this is what i have done all my life. I realised that to get differnt results i have to change the way i think and act. This is not easy but not impossible, its depends how much you want something right?  I dont get this right everyday as life has the habit of getting in the way sometimes. Whenever i feel myself slipping away from my focus i get back into it.Practise make progress.

3. I have been practising meditation. This is something that i have wanted to do for years but have never found the ‘right time’. NOW is the right time. I saw a 21 day challenge from Chopra website and signed up. Everyday i get emailed a new guided mediation (which are fab by the way, Daviji’s voice is sublime). Yes its hard to fit it in my day but that’s crap really. It only takes 15 minutes, everyone has 15 minutes. I know i need to have this quiet time everyday to just be. We live in a crazy, busy and sometimes stressful world. This can have a huge impact on our wellbeing and our fat loss. We need to keep the stress hormones down or else our bodies will hang onto the fat. So i am hoping that after 21 days of meditating I will be floating through life serenely lol. We know that it takes 21 days to form a habit so thats what I am doing, forming a new habit in my life.

4. Exercise! This is a tough one for me because i have had ongoing back pain for 2.5 years. I have been in denial with it and ‘pushed through the pain’. I had firmly buried my head in the sand and hpoed that it would go away. I have been through the hands of many practitioners but to no avail. Pilates and yoga relieves it for short periods. Most exercise hurts my back. On holiday I was pretty much pain free, on holiday I did not exercise! I couldn’t be in denial any longer I had to listen to my body. This is tough because I teach classes and sometimes its hurts. So again i made some goals around this. More than anything else i want to be pain free. I don’t want to stop training as i like the effect it has on my mind and body.

So I’ve made myself a deal, if i want to continue to train I have do do a few things.

  • I have to do some kind of stretch, yoga, mobilisation EVERY day without fail.
  • I have to employ a personal trainer who can assess, guide and ensure i am training correctly.
  • I have to continue to eat a diet that is low inflammatory (see point 1)
  • I need to seek out the best supplements to take to support my body which is in a constant state of stress because of the pain. Remember high stress equals high body fat

I am doing all of the above and I am training but at a lower level. This is mentally challenging as i am used to training much harder. I am slowly getting my head around it and keep striving to find the right balance.

5. I have to be accountable to someone on my journey. For me this has been through an online community where we all share a common goal. I am on Dax Moys reboot programme. I cannot tell you enough how the online community has helped me. I have to be accountable i.e. I have to do whats in the nutritiona and exercise programme. Every day post what I have eaten and how my training has gone. I check in with the ‘girls’ to see how we are all doing and try and help and encourage each other – priceless!!

Reading back through that it sounds like alot of work but it really isnt. Yes it would be easier to sit on the sofa and eat chips but how would i feel? CRAP! At the moment I have loads of energy, enthusiasm for life, sleep better and generally feel great. I am slowly learning that i am the only one who can help me, i have to take responsibility for my life, body and mind.

Have a great day


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