Post Holiday Fatty

Hola Peeps!

How are the holidays going so far? Still exercising and eating ‘clean’?

I fell off the wagon on holiday. I ate crap (still ate great salads and amazing fish) and didn’t exercise for 2 weeks. The result? I feel pretty crap. It’s been a brilliant lesson for me. I am back into training (still aching!!) and I have cleaned up my diet and I am starting to feel like my old self. I realise that I have to stick to my healthy way of living for 80% of the time or I feel lousy. This is a lesson that has taken me many years to learn. I have to experience it to learn from it. I had two choices, I could beat myself up for ‘yet again failing’ for putting on weight or I could use the experience in a positive way. To be honest when I first jumped on the scales I took the first option!! Then I decided to change my thinking to PMA (positive mental attitude) and get back on the programme. I wrote down my goals and got really clear again on what I want. I will write the goals daily into my goal journal to affirm them into my sub conscious. This sounds a bit woo woo but it really works. It is our thinking that has to change before any lifestyle changes.

Do diets work? Yes and No. All diets will work when you follow them. But what happens when you stop? The weight piles back on plus some. Hello yo-yo dieting which screws up your metabolism. The changes have to be long term. By following my own programme and principles I lost 7lbs before I went away and was feeling pretty good, getting closer to my natural weight. Nearly 2 weeks of not watching what I ate meant I gained back all the weight!!! It took me 6 weeks to lose arghhh!!! Was it worth it? Yeah it was good to kick back a little and relax. My body really needed the rest. But to use the holiday as an excuse to say “sod it” and forget any of my nutrition principles? Not a good idea.

So if you are reading this before you go away set some goals for your holiday. Build in a few ‘treats’ ie a few glasses of wine or a dessert but not both at the same time!! Maybe you could allow yourself 2 small cheat snacks and one big cheat meal a week where you can eat and drink what you like so long as you are following the clean eating principals the rest of the time? You don’t need to pig out to chill out. Yes it is good to relax on holiday but just remember you can undo all your hard work in just a few short days. It takes a while to get back into action and get motivated and back on track when you return from your holiday.

Have a great holiday 🙂