Success Stories

Here’s are some success stories of the 6 week programme

i started on the 6 week programme to lose a bit of weight and generally boost my energy.  The first week when I read what we could eat (or not!) I nearly cried but after planning my meals and getting organised it really wasn’t that hard and it was a good challenge to try new things after eating the same meals for years.  By week 2 I was really enjoying making new recipes and I couldn’t believe the results were so quick, loosing 2kg in 2 weeks!  my energy levels are so much higher and I feel great, I definitely won’t be going back to my old habits.  I haven’t reintroduced wheat and I have cut down on dairy which I never thought I would do!  The support from Tanith and others on the course was amazing and really kept me motivated.

Tanith’s programme is a great way of kick-starting long term weight loss, removing inches from important places and getting fit.  It isn’t just another faddy diet – which is the secret of its success and what attracted me to taking part.  It combines exercise with eating healthily. You see the benefits of your endeavours in a new body shape and in the way you feel about yourself and about your way of life as well as in the lbs you shed.  It does require discipline and sacrifice in terms of what you can eat and drink during the programme – and it does sound daunting when you start, but once you are into the programme and focused, it isn’t so hard – and its a positive pleasure to feel the benefits of giving your body a break from toxins, alcohol, caffeine etc etc combined with the energy you get from the fitness training.  Tanith makes sure she supports and encourages you throughout and dishes out helpful advice – and recipes for wheat free eating etc – to make things easier for you to slot into your busy family life.  Tanith is a knowledgeable and motivational teacher, it is great to be part of a group of others going through the same thing – and you know that at the end, although you may re-introduce some of the elements of your ‘old’ lifestyle, you have the tools and information to take control of your own lifestyle and make the changes that suit you – and help your family to be healthier too. Tanith’s unique programme really does deliver the results she promises.

Jane – Newick

I have joined the 6 week Body Transformation Programme with a view to kick start my fitness regime.

After being out of any intensive form of exercise for over twenty years, I have decided to challenge myself in a run up to my 40th birthday. I also suffer from Vertigo, which makes it difficult to find an achievable workout, especially in a group situations. Meeting Tan has inspired me to get hold of my limitations. Tan is very attentive, knowledgeable and  encouraging in her approach. I am now overcoming my fears of light headedness as I am learning to regulate and gradually build up intensity of exercising. These days I am feeling very positive about myself, full of energy, healthy, slim and FIT!

Although in a past I have tried other approaches to get fit, Tan’s 6 weeks Body Transformation Programme was the only one which created powerful lasting results for my body and mind. My partner and my friends are very supportive of me and ready to join me on the next programme!
Tanya – Haywards Heath