What is self-confidence?

What does being self-confident mean to you?

here is a dictionary definition: “a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement”


Self confidence will a slight different meaning to each individual.

It depends if you are having a good day or not right?


Feeling confident has to come from within. I used to think it was about how I looked.

If I was thin enough I would feel self-confident.


Hmmmm not so! When I got really lean a while back, sure I felt great but all my ‘old

stuff’ was still there. I still wasn’t happy. I still craved foods and felt guilty around food.


Guess what happened? Yeah I put all the weight back on and some!!


I realise now that I have to work on the inside stuff for the outside to follow.


This is much harder and takes much longer than a ‘diet’. Don’t get me wrong I still get

drawn towards the quick fixes.

Lose 7lbs in 7 days? oh yes please, where do i sign up. Doh!! NO NO NO (that’s me shouting at myself)!


Last year I kinda fell off the healthy wagon. I didn’t really exercise and I certainly didn’t eat very well.


I have spent this year getting back on track. I’m taking it steady eddy. I’m following a non-gimmicky nutrition plan.


I have lost roughly 7lbs in six months. I’m not sure because I have stopped weighing myself.

I just want to feel good by loving by body and mind.


I have invested my time in getting my body moving well again so I’m not in pain.


Here’s me with my Back to Life Babes having completed a 5k fun run. This was an achievement considering how unfit I had become.

This definitely made me feel more confident. I felt flippin’ AWESOME.